VFW Meeting April 14, 2022. This will be our Post Convention for this year. 
Request someone assume the Adjutants position on Thursday. Draft minutes will be forwarded to all members this morning with attached associated reports.  I am not available that evening.  In compliance with the VFW Bylaws, my letter of acceptance as Quartermaster for the ensuing year is on file.
We will be completing nominations and electing our Officers for the ensuing 2022-2023 VFW Year.  If you would like to be nominated for an Office, please let George Wygant, Post Adjutant know as soon as possible. 
If you are not going to be present at the meeting, you must have a letter on file with the Adjutant before the start of the meeting, indicating (You will accept the position if elected).  If the elections officer does not have this, you can not be considered for the election!  
If you become a newly elected officer, The adjutant must have a copy of your DD-214 on file, while you are in office.  Copy will be returned after you have relinquished your Office. This must be on file prior to your installation!
All Officer for the ensuing year, I will need to verify your address, emails, telephone numbers and Cover Size prior to Friday.  This is the day I will transmit all election results, and submit for Delegate credentials.  Post Commander will verify this information after Thursdays meeting.
We will be nominating the Commander, plus delegates for the District 6 and Department of Michigan Conventions.  The Commander received one vote, and the 4 remaining delegates will receive equal share of votes.  We should also have 4 alternates.  This way if a delegate does not show up an Alternate can assume that Delegates assignment.  You will be required to be registered by 9 am on the day of election.
Remember any time you work i.e., Attend meeting, work bingo, work the breakfast, participate in a parade etc.; your name is entered into the drawing for Life membership or the next level in legacy life.  If you are already as High as you can go, then you can elect to donate your win to a comrade of your choice to advance them to Life or Legacy Life.  
VFW Post 6464 Riders.  New Riders patches are in.  Large Patch 11.5 x 10 will cost 52.00 Dollars, and Small Patch 5x4 will be 22.00 Dollars.
To see all upcoming Post event, please visit our Calendar.